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How to Claim You Talk Mythic Saga Gift Pack?

Post Last Edited by 雷洛 at 2013-4-17 16:43 $ J8 n6 \2 c+ G% E9 p. P

3 V7 |( M3 R9 j, t# N1.  Download and install You Talk(It helps you connect with your gaming community on Voomga. With real-timevoice chats, video messaging and Voomga friend search, this mobile app is madejust for you.)
. K! X, s  T' ~" Z8  - Vast gaming experiences9 B  g$ l: Q5 N  Y0 j& @/ L
Follow these links to get your You Talk Beta:
$ \7 w2 y, a: |: i# {( \" S$ h: y- N, O' y" C/ Z

% D  X' q5 }( h& f*  - Vast gaming experiencesYou can scan this QR code with your mobile phone, or open on your mobile browser, to download You Talk.
+ `* Y  i% E- u9 v; `5 l" b9 ?

, B4 B$ J" z! p" g9 B) C  Qforum.voomga.com8 c7 I, Y, z% o3 }- ]9 R
You can refer to    You Talk Official Site for more information.
$ j0 a% e% W+ Z. e0 eforum.voomga.com1 f5 i1 C! ]: q- t  I* \0 k
2.  Login You Talk with your voomgaaccounts or register with your mobile phone number.- V; I$ c1 P' ~1 i. |7 U  C; D

: J$ n8 i2 w& ?4 ?  - Vast gaming experiences3.  Go to “Social ” module:; o+ ]% g' B& b+ L+ r9 J) ]

' C" v9 B* b- g

3 T( ~' v! I; N0 g+ D/ Sforum.voomga.com4.  Click the “Gift Packs” menu:
6 g' M4 r. V7 w- k3 n1

( m8 d- t" r. v4 u/ D. I8 x7 M1 @$ d
5.  Choose game ,server and thenclick on the “Claim Reward”, you will get the code :! s" N! V7 i  B+ x/ e; m0 i& m$ V  - Vast gaming experiences/ W: I3 d1 O1 |( e

( M7 z; B2 f+ B3 p+ K! l* ?, f6.   Login to Game. Find ‘RewardNPC’ in your starting village.(Example: Pengee in Lotus Village / Southern Town/ Woodville) ( r1 |# E; k$ c9 j
Select ‘You TalkMythic Saga’ and enter your code to get  - Vast gaming experiences+ w8 F  ^! U3 B( k

# d* _  ~7 j6 Z/ J
' M. B; h$ m7 w3 `! Q% jIncluding:
; R# m, @# u; c1 t    1 Chinese Wedding Dress (7 Days)
1 B: p4 w$ r, b2 ]% ]7 d- s9 p    10 Relic Shards + x  a# W2 i6 q& f  k6 s# F2 h. |' g" c
    10 Mount  - Vast gaming experiences7 l8 `  @4 C, N) @( _+ |; _% n9 p1 E+ I
    10 Fusion Gems
* {# g% O5 P! R" d'    10 Spirit Stones
% X9 `, L$ i9 m( d: T8 M    3 Day Gold VIP Pass: t" F' E; B( s: |

; ]- D) H6 J! Z-  - Vast gaming experiences! ~! z4 l8 k  S, W
2 p( Z9 F3 Q* d" `& q& V
( O# S3 G# a! J% T1 C5 e
) n9 ~3 e, h9 R8 L- E1 ?- }
Mythic Saga (Global) Team
8 f+ c+ u; k) u8 T" H  [9 I
+ H4 J0 l9 z; _0 d' Y  : R" H) x# e+ x' b+ p% o, |7 G5 B
Facebook Fan Page:
" E) M  o. T6 o6 u)  - Vast gaming experiencesOfficial Site:
# V, `8 K. ?6 c1 U# l5 F3 dForum:
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how to DL ser

TOP  here is the download link,get your own code fast


how unlucky T_T my cellphone got snatched 2 days ago
1 B' y5 }& z. {6 D$  - Vast gaming experiences$ K0 v; v7 z  q: O& W& @$ M
mister markwin . are there a PC version of you talk ?


Sorry MarshMallows,i think this software is for the cellphone only


thats awful


wtf! i cant search it through app store{:3_55:}


what site is can download it..??? YOu talk???what the hell..


, j& `0 x) N7 S! Q/ \please give me code




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